Mission, Visions, Values



Our mission is to provide programs, services, and information to strengthen the families and communities of Darlington County. 



Strong families in healthy communities. 



Community Engagement is vital as we aim to create a pathway to success for children and families in Darlington County. Collaborating together, we build long term relationships with funders, individuals, parents, community partners, and other stakeholders, ensuring maximum benefits to the families and communities we serve. 


Compassion and Empathy are fundamental to our relationships. As we open our hearts and minds to the needs of others in our community, mutual trust is formed, which is a cornerstone of successful relationships. 


Transparency and Accountability are critical components of our relationships with funders, individuals, parents, community partners and other stakeholders. We achieve maximum impact by working in an ethical environment and having honest dialogue. 


Families are our greatest resource. We advocate, educate, and demonstrate the importance of engaged families, ready early learners, and healthy, supportive communities.