Access Condoms in Darlington County (AC/DC)

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What Does AC/DC Mean?

AC/DC is an acronym for Access Condoms in Darlington County. 


Why Have AC/DC in Darlington County?

According to Darlington County's 2019 data, Darlington County was identified as being the 21st highest in the state for teen pregnancy rates. As a result of the findings in a research report titled Accelerating Progress: A roadmap for achieving further reductions in teen pregnancy, the S.C. Campaign identified four strategies that are needed to reduce teen pregnancies. Providing teen friendly condom access points was one of the four strategies. 


Teen pregnancy is an issue that many youth in our community face but is not the only one. Darlington County is ranked 16th in the state for Chlamydia infections and 20th in the state for Gonorrhea infections amongst 15-19 year olds (see Darlington County data for more information). Because we care about the future and health of our youth, we choose to provide resources for them that are easy to find and easy to get.


How Can We Prevent this from Happening?

There are several ways to abstain from getting pregnant as a teen and to prevent being infected with STDs, STIs, HIV and AIDS and we have centered in on one of those options. With the guidance of the S.C. Campaign's Accelerating Progress research report, we have established places where you can go to receive FREE condoms, FREE of judgment. That is barbershops, beauty salons, small businesses, and individuals in the community.


Access Points for Free Condoms:

Andrew's Barbershop

Bernard Andrews

2011 Pearl Street

Darlington SC, 29532


Another Blessed Creation

Angela Pooler

525 Lamar Hwy. 
Darlington, SC 29532


Bar 112

Perez Graham

1857 South Fifth Street

Hartsville, SC


Beauty N U

Leona Burns

103 S. Main Street

Darlington, SC 29532


Butler Heritage Foundation 

1103 S. Sixth Street

Hartsville, SC 29550


Child and Family Resource Center

Tracy Redfearn

 Licensed Pyscho-Educational Specialist 

P.O. Box 1254

Hartsville, SC 29551


Classic Cut N' Styles

Robert Cooper

121 S. Main Street/123 Main Street

Darlington, SC 29532


Cutting Edge

Patrice Simon

1109 S. Fifth Street, Suite M

Hartsville, SC 29550


Crema Coffee Bar

Tiffany Moan

136 W. Carolina Avenue

Hartsville, SC 29550


Cut N' Up

Lawrence Manning

1204 Martin Luther King Drive

Hartsville, SC 29550


Eva Car Wash and Window Tinting 

Enombe Ekwoge

222 S. Fifth Street

Hartsville, SC 29550


First Down Cutz Barbershop

"Shawn Da Barber"

108 E. Main Street

Lamar, SC 29069


Florence-Darlington Technical College

LeRoy Gibson, Jr.

2715 W. Lucas Street

Florence, SC 29550


Gloria's Shear Essence

Gloria C. Hines

316 Pine Street

Darlington, SC 29532


Harriott's Divine Design

Harriott James

1234 Harry Byrd Hwy.

Darlington, SC 29352


Hair So Lovely by Tina

Tina McElveen 

416 S. Fifth Street

Hartsville, SC 29550 


Housing Authority of Darlington

Lisa Williamson

324 Bacote Street

Darlington, SC 29532


Cambridge Apartments

Natacha Pierre

620 E. Jackson Street

Lamar, SC 29069


Gary Neigborhood Gym

Brantley Jett

107 Gary Street

Darlington, SC 29532


Darlington Recreation Department

Brantley Jett

300 Sanders Street

Darlington, SC 29532

Darlington Tavern

1125 North Main St.

Darlington, SC 29532


Keisha's Beauty Salon 

LaKeisha Samuel 

433 N. Main Street

Darlington, SC 29532


Keitt Barber and Beauty Shop

Jamie Keitt

1115 S. Main Street

Darlington, SC 29532


Lisa's New Creation

Lisa Bess

748 S. Sixth Street

Hartsville, SC 29550


Luxe Beauty Bar & Spa

416 S. 4th St.

Hartsville, SC 29550


Miracle's Hair Design

Nicole Rogers

109 S. Sixth Street

Hartsville, SC 29550


Pee Dee Coalition 

Tracey Williamson and Pamela Price

460 W. Carolina Avenue

Hartsville, SC 29550


Pee Dee Healthy Start

Lillie Fox- Partnership Monitor 

314 W. Pine Street 

Florence, SC 29501


Rogers Barbershop 

Joe Hilton

643 S. 6th Street

Hartsville, SC 29550


Rubicon Family Counseling Services

Scott Johnson

510 E. Carolina Avenue

Hartsville, SC 29550


Salon 316

Tiffany Williamson

508-1 Pearl Street

Darlington, SC 29532


St. Luke UMC

Deidra Thomas- Trustee

4771 Sardis Hwy. 

Timmonsville, SC 29161


Sister and Sister

Andrea Bradford

1261 E. Old Camden Road

Hartsville, SC 29550


Starting Point of Darlington

1451 Retail Row

Hartsville, SC 29550


Studio 54

Yalonda Melvin

937 Timmonsville Hwy

Darlington, SC


The Barber Shop Experience

Brian Ham

716 E. Carolina Ave.

Hartsville, SC 29550


Total Essence 

Janice Jacobs

312-2 S. Main Street

Darlington, SC 29532


Untouchable Cutz

Branden Ketter

405 S. Main Street

Darlington, SC 29532


Wash Tub Laundromat 

Louise Addison 

104 E. Broad Street

 Darlington, SC 29532


Wash Tub Laundromat 

635 S. Fifth Street

Hartsville, SC 29550


The committed partners of AC/DC have made pledges to be non-judgmental, supportive of healthy and smart decisions, and cooperative. Customers and clients can leave with confidence in knowing they have made the right choice to protect themselves!



Other Resources for Youth:

Children's Trust of South Carolina

Fact Forward

Not Right Now


If you would like to be an AC/DC partner, contact us!