"You're never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child." -Dr. Seuss 

What is Motheread?

Motheread is an evidenced based family literacy program model. Parents are engaged in learning how to select age-appropriate books, to read to their children, to extend the story line of each book, to learn about child development, and to introduce parents to adult literature. 


What are the Program Components?

  1. Groups are led by a certified Motheread facilitator.

  2. Group meetings with parents are held at local Head Start centers, local county libraries, and at Darlington County First Steps' location.

  3. The curriculum uses a variety of activities that promote the use of oral and written language to explore every day experiences and encourage vocabulary development. 

  4. The Motheread sessions encourage adults to hold or sit close to children, engaging them in the story-reading process through the use of props, discussion questions and story related activities, songs, and games. 

  5. Helping parents see themselves as learners and participants in a literate society.

  6. Pre/post assessments

Why Motheread is Important!

An important goal of Motheread classes is to develop a learning environment where parents (students) improve their skills as they also enjoy reading and discussing themes in children's books and other literature. Participants invest time and effort in their own skill development, with support from other adults, with an aim toward improving their relationship with their children. -Measuring Success: Review of Research and Evaluation 





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